Regional Australia Bank helps build the Tamworth Adventure Playground

The Tamworth Adventure Playground was a project based on the ideas from children in Tamworth and the surrounding areas. A local committee was formed to build awareness of the project, recruit volunteers for its building and consult with local school children for ideas of their 'dream' playground

The video demonstrates the passion and commitment from some of the 700 volunteers from across the community who helped build this wonderful facility and showcases what can be achieved when communities work together for a common goal.


The Playground was built at the Tamworth Marsupial Park, traditionally known as Endeavour Park at the upper end of Brisbane Street and is 3/4 of an acre of custom-designed play equipment for children of all ages and abilities. Components of the playground was designed with integrated fine-motor skill play as well as gross-motor skill play and imaginative play firmly in mind.

Regional Australia Bank’s partnership with the project was first established in 2012 with financial assistance and participation in fundraising initiatives (Family Fun Days, etc). Over time, two of our staff joined the Project steering committee to help out. We assisted in attracting publicity for the project via preparation of press releases, printing the park committees promotional material and included the initiative on our ‘inspiration engine’

Together with NBN TV station, we scripted, storyboarded and produced a TV commercial which aired to create awareness of the initiative and to help recruit volunteers for the construction build. And, when it came to the build, about 20 Regional Australia Bank staff from all over the region (Armidale, Tamworth & Muswellbrook) rolled up their sleeves to help build the playground over the 5 days (and nights) of construction. We also now donate funds annually to the “Friends of the Marsupial Park” through the Community Partnership Program (CPP). Friends of the Marsupial Park are a volunteer group who maintain the park by feeding the animals and maintaining the enclosures.