Heart of our Community

Give your ideas a voice and vision.

If there's one thing we regional Australians have in common, it's our passion for our communities.

We like to see employment and economic prosperity, we like to attract services and build better facilities; but ultimately we want to ensure the ongoing sustainability of our towns and cities.

We know there’s always more we can do to make our communities even better, we see there’s people out there like us willing to help make a change.

Heart of our Community  is a website which acts as a conduit for connecting people, businesses and the community at large - who then join together to make our places, even better places. It’s an outlet for community groups or individuals to post an idea to better their community.

Here ideas are given a voice and vision, where you can win support from other likeminded locals. You can 'like' ideas via facebook or support them with a vote. Each vote for an idea elevates its status toward the top ranked ideas for that community. You can also add encouraging comments or suggest amendments.

If you have an idea, post it! Who knows, maybe one day we'll be building your dream together!

As the late Steve Jobs once said...

"The people that think they can change the world are the ones who do."

This is for those who think they can. Can you? check out heartofourcommunity.com.au today.

We will be a beacon - a regionally owned and operated “community chest” - that will be a conduit for connecting people.