Fraud Monitoring Services

24/7 Fraud Monitoring


It’s our priority to help you be as safe and protected online as you possibly can be, which is why we’re pleased to share news of some changes to our fraud monitoring services. 

Our 24/7, real-time fraud monitoring service has improved!  

Our online fraud monitoring and prevention partners monitors your transactions – including Osko transactions – for fraud in real-time and will alert you should a transaction be suspicious. 

It’s important to know that, as part of our fraud monitoring and prevention service, we may contact you via a phone call or SMS to check whether or not you have made a transaction. 

However, please remember, we will never ask you to: 

  • Enter personal information via a link, or 
  • Provide login credentials, one-time passcodes, or card details over the phone.
  • Transfer money to a new account, or another bank.


If you are contacted by someone claiming to be from Regional Australia Bank or another reputable organisation asking that you log in to your account and make a payment, do not continue with the call, and contact us immediately. 

While our fraud monitoring service will help detect and reduce fraudulent activity, it’s not foolproof, and it’s still essential that you are also on the lookout for scams. 

If you are at all uncertain about a call, SMS, or email you receive, please call the business on a publicly listed number to ensure it’s a valid enquiry. 

Please remember – Regional Australia Bank is here to help, and will continue to share information and tips on how to stay safe online, including information about current scams.