Want to work at Regional Australia Bank? Find out more about us, our culture and job opportunities here.

One of our greatest assets is our employees; our success is largely a reflection of our employees and the calibre and skill they contribute to our organisation. While our employees are valued as individuals, we have some things in common; our passion for our fields of work, our members and the prosperity of regional Australia. 

Think you'd like to join the team at Regional Australia Bank? We’re waiting to hear from you.1

Advantages of working at Regional Australia Bank

Our values have fostered a special ethos.

We're passionate about community support and sustainability.

We want our people to flourish, so we have great training facilities and career progression opportunities.

In Regional Australia, the grass is literally greener. We love our towns and cities and think you will too.
We are always looking for talented people

People who can significantly and positively contribute to our business strategies and continually develop and assist in the continual success of our organisation. If you feel you have the qualities to succeed in an organisation such as ours, then we are waiting to hear from you.


1Resumes are only kept on file for three months.