We recognise the role we can play in achieving this goal and maintaining this outlook. So, our banking comes packaged with a conscience.

We are deeply connected to our communities in regional Australia because we are wholly owned by regional Australians. This ownership means that we understand the connectivity between each other, our communities and the environment. 

Our goal is to be a recognised leader in Corporate Social Responsibility, and we demonstrate this through our own conduct and approach managing our environmental impact, as well inspiring and empowering our members to make ethical decisions.  

Responsible financial management teamed with strong environmental credentials means that our members take comfort in knowing that we do not lend to, or invest in mining industries. Instead, we prefer to focus on investing in clean technologies while minimising our own impact on the environment, and maximise our social input and returns to our regional communities.


Our vision is that Regional Australia Bank will define what it means to be at the heart of our community. We will celebrate being regional, and demonstrate what the added value of being more connected to each other can bring to our customers, our communities and the environment. The success of our business will be determined by how well we extend compassion, and share our passion to be; the champions for regional prosperity. We will be a beacon - a regionally owned and operated ‘community chest’, that will be a conduit for connecting people and model for creating better and more sustainable places to live. 

Sustainability Advantage

Regional Australia Bank is proud to be a Bronze Partner in the NSW Government’s Sustainability Advantage program. We are now working towards becoming a Silver Partner, to do this we need to demonstrate significant environmental achievements and we are well and truly on the way to achieving our target.

Achievements and Awards 

In 2014, we were State Finalists in the Excellence in Sustainability category at the NSW Business Chamber Awards after winning at the Armidale Business Awards and the New England North West Business Awards. We were named Socially Responsible Mutual of the Year by Money Magazine in 2013 and 2014. And we were awarded 2015 Tamworth Chamber of Commerce "Excellence in Community Involvement".

Sustainability Advantage Bronze Award

 How can you help?

Here are some ways that you can help us reach our sustainability goals and secure the future of our communities:

  • Switch from paper to online statements and get your statements delivered to your inbox in internet banking. We'll also donate $1 to local Landcare projects for every member that switches (capped at 20,000). 
  • Are you looking to build a new home or make home improvements that are energy efficient, benefit the environment or promote sustainability? Have a look at our Enviro Personal Loan. It's never been easier to reduce your environmental footprint!
  • Visit the Australian Government's Living Greener website for tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint and information about any rebates that might be available.

We will be a beacon - a regionally owned and operated “community chest” - that will be a conduit for connecting people.