Regional Australia Bank values the sponsorships we give back to our communities, providing essential support to key grassroots initiatives within our network.

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To apply for sponsorship, read our guidelines, then use the link below to start your application.

This year Regional Australia Bank gave back almost $1 Million to our local communities in the form of sponsorships, donations, grass roots community initiatives and small infrastructure projects. It’s the opportunity to make a difference, to build communities and to create better places to live that drives so many of us.

These are just some of out of the hundreds of worthwhile groups we sponsor: 


BackTrack provides guidance & education programs for at risk youth, assisting them to develop work-based skills and broaden their employment prospects. Along with providing financial contributions we continue to contribute in-kind support such as use of materials, public relations, graphic design and printing needs. See more about how we've helped BackTrack since 2006 on the Inside Story.

Regional Australia Bank Dubbo Show

The Regional Australia Bank Dubbo Show promotes agricultural excellence through competition, aiming to engage, educate and entertain patrons and customers in a safe, controlled but dynamic and exciting environment since 1872.