Switch to Regional Australia Bank

We've been helping our members achieve their lifestyle dreams for over 47 years; and we can't wait to help you.

We understand that you’re busy, so we’ve outlined some steps to make your transition to Regional Australia Bank easy.

Make the switch

To become a member, open an account and enable Internet Banking access simply call 132 067 or visit your nearest branch. To enquire about bringing your loans across to Regional Australia Bank talk to us or just fill in this enquiry form and we'll get in touch.

Switch your direct debits and credits over

Fill in this form and email it to [email protected] and we’ll contact your old financial institution to get a list of your direct debits and credits who will send it to you to check. The list will show payments made to and from your old account over the last 13 months. 

Please keep in mind this will not include ‘pay anyone’ payments, BPAY payments, periodical payments, payments linked to your transaction account and any direct credits or debits linked to your debit or credit cards. You will need to find these payments yourself by checking your previous financial institutions statements and/ or internet banking.

Completing the switch

  1. Redirect your regular payments from your old account to your Regional Australia Bank Account.
  2. Remember to advise your employer of your new account details to ensure your salary gets paid into your new account.

Close your old account

Once you are sure that all your regular debits and credits have been successfully re-established on your new account, you can close your old account.

Tips for a smooth change-over

Once all organisations have been advised of your new account details, you should:

  • Make sure you have enough money in your old account to cover current payments until all regular payments have been re-established on your new account. 
  • Check your new account when you are expecting the next regular direct debits and credits to appear and contact the organisation or us if the payment does not appear on your new account or continues to appear on your old account. 
  • Close your old account as soon as your regular payments appear on your new account with us. 

We have no control over when organisations make direct debits and credits to or from your account or when they will update their records. Following these tips should ensure you are not charged additional fees such as dishonour fees or overdrawn account fees.

Remember the organisation that makes direct debits and credits to your account will contact you for new instructions if these regular payments fail.