Application and Interview Process Terms and Conditions

Information regarding Regional Australia Bank's application and interview process.

Information Guidelines

Any information you provide to Regional Australia Bank must be complete and accurate. Any incorrect, misleading or omitted information may disqualify you from appointment to a position with Regional Australia Bank or, if already appointed, may be grounds for dismissal.

Privacy Statement

Under the Privacy Act 1988, the Personal information provided in your application will be held securely and used only by authorised staff of Regional Australia Bank for the purposes of recruitment and selection for positions within Regional Australia Bank. This Personal information will be held for up to three (3) months following an appointment for this position before being securely destroyed. Regional Australia Bank may use the information contained in the application form in the event that a position or short term assignment matching your qualifications or experience opens up within the three (3) month period.

This information may also be used for the purpose of pre-employment screening, once Regional Australia Bank has indicated that it intends to offer you employment. If you accept an offer of employment with Regional Australia Bank the Personal information provided in your application and any other Personal information collected in the course of the application and selection process will become part of your employment records. If you are employed by Regional Australia Bank and are, or become a Regional Australia Bank member, your member records will be notated with a code identifying you as a staff member. This code will be deleted when you cease employment with the Regional Australia Bank.

Supporting Diversity at Regional Australia Bank

Regional Australia Bank is committed to the principles and practices of Equal Employment Opportunity, Cultural Diversity and promoting a safe, healthy and smoke free workplace. We aim to offer an inclusive workplace where employee differences, such as gender, age, cultural background, disability, sexual orientation, family and caring responsibilities and religion are valued and leveraged for individual, business and organisational success. In particular, if you provide information that you identify as Australian Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander or both, that information may be shared with hiring managers to promote your application for employment.

Application and Interview Process

Applying for a position at Regional Australia Bank

When you apply for a position with Regional Australia Bank the key to gaining an interview is your written application. Vacancies at Regional Australia Bank can attract a number of applicants and you will need to ensure that your application stands out, is clear and concise and well presented.

Completing your application

To maximise your opportunity for employment in this role a cover letter with a statement addressing your relevant skills and experience. Details concerning the required selection criteria (skills, experience and capacities) are contained in the Position Statement.

Selection Process

The selection panel will short list applicants based on the selection criteria, position requirements and the statement of claims you have provided on your application.

If your application is shortlisted you will be contacted by telephone and invited to attend an interview.

Most questions you will be asked at interview are values/behaviour based and will be relevant to the advertised position.

Referee Check

At least two referees will be contacted by telephone if you are shortlisted following an interview. The selection panel will ask your referees to comment on your work behaviour and can be asked to verify or comment on claims made by you in your written application.

Notification of decision

Following the interview the successful applicant will be contacted by telephone and a verbal offer of employment made. An employment pack including letter of offer will be forwarded by mail.

Unsuccessful applicants will be notified as soon as possible, this will occur by telephone.

Criminal records check

A criminal records check is required for all Regional Australia Bank staff. Any recorded details on your criminal records check do not necessarily disqualify you from appointment. You will be given the opportunity to discuss the matter before any final decision is made.