Avoid winter bill shock by following these tips.

Four tips to avoid bill shock this winter

Being in the thick of winter often means bracing for the dreaded electricity bill. Depending on where in Australia you live, the average electricity bill ranges from $1,602.32 in Victoria through to $1898.80 in South Australia1.

Whether you love a long shower to warm up, cosy up in bed with an electric blanket, or perhaps air-con is your preferred method to calm the chill – it can all add up once the bill arrives. Here are some easy tips to reduce your bills throughout the colder months:

#1 Winter bill budgeting

Saving money to prepare for the winter months

The best way to avoid 'bill shock' is to get prepared and budget for winter. By setting aside as little as $20 per week, you will already be a couple of hundred dollars ahead when that quarterly bill arrives. Many electricity providers will allow you to set a regular direct debit, or you can set up a regular payment in Internet Banking to chip away at your balance throughout the year.

#2 Own your own home? Think Solar

consider solar power to reduce your winter bill

It may be time to think about investing in products that are not only better for the environment, but will pay off by providing you with long-term savings. A Finder.com case study found that in a small, two-bedroom house in Sydney – the investment in a 3kW solar system resulted in the family no longer paying for electricity, and they would have recovered their costs in around three years! An up-front investment can often pay dividends in the long run.

#3 Make small changes

Winter bill shock

If you’re renting, you can still make small changes that will help save you in the long run. By switching off your gaming console after use, you could save $193 per year and if you use the clothesline once a week instead of the dryer, you could save $79 per year2.

#4 Shop energy providers

Don't forget to shop around for your energy provider. The more informed you are about the options available to you, the more likely you will be to choose the best provider for your needs, and you be sure you are on the best deal to suit your budget.


1Canstar Blue electricity customer satisfaction survey, January 2019.