Regional Australia Bank home loan lender talks mortgages

Why we changed our name.

Yes, we’ve changed our name, but the best things remain; we are still owned by you, here to benefit you and will always put you before profits.

Along with our new name, you'll see even more value added to you through new products and services which aim to enrich your banking experience.

We understand you might have some questions, so we've answered them for you here:

Why did you change your name?

We received feedback that our previous (and numerous) names; Community Mutual Group, New England Mutual, Hunter Mutual and Orana Mutual confused members and the wider community.

Further, we believe everyone deserves access to a member owned financial institution with good regional Australian values. By changing our name to reflect what we do and how we can help, people will better understand how we can assist them too.

Why Regional Australia Bank?

Regional Australia is not just a place; it's a mindset. An appreciation for relationships built on trust and reliability, with an understanding of the significance of community and the feeling of belonging.

After conducting research we found members and non-members connected well with the name Regional Australia Bank. We've been helping Regional Australians for over 47 years so the name really does reflect what we do, and was a natural progression for us.

Whether you live in regional Australia, a capital city or across the world – we're bringing regional Australian values to you.

Are you still member owned?

Yes, we are still proudly member owned. This means our focus remains creating value for you – we're not distracted by driving profits and dividends for shareholders.

Are you demutualising or being taken over?

No, we are not demutualising or being taken over, we have just changed our name.

Will interest rates and fees be increased now you’re a bank?

No. The way we calculate our fees and interest rates will remain exactly the same. We will still represent good value, because your financial well-being is our focus.

Are you maintaining your community support?

Of course! We will continue to contribute to the prosperity of our communities through our flagship programs and grass roots sponsorships, it makes us who we are.

Can I buy shares?

No. All members have one ownership share however they cannot buy more, nor can they sell it.

Will I get a new, Regional Australia Bank card?

Yes. You will receive your replacement card/cards in the coming weeks.

1. ATM transactions with institutions other than those listed may incur third party charges.