Regional Australia Bank and RDN partnership banner

Regional Australia Bank Empowers Regional Health

Regional Australia Bank is proud to announce an exciting partnership with Rural Doctors Network (RDN) which aims to further support and benefit the rural and remote health workforce of NSW, and RDN members, today and well into the future.

Regional Australia Bank is proudly committed to supporting and empowering regional Australians and naturally this algins with the goals and objectives of RDN to invest in, support, and create healthier outcomes for, local regional communities.

The support provided by our partnership will directly impact the growth of the future regional workforce in areas including, but not limited to, RDN’s Bush Bursary program and Go Rural, which seek to encourage health students to consider the benefits of living and working in regional communities. RDN’s Group Manager, Jeremy Mitchell says the future of regional health is looking bright with community-minded businesses like Regional Australia Bank choosing to invest in regional communities.

“Regional Australia Bank invests in the prosperity of regional Australia, and we are honoured they can see the value of supporting RDN and investing in the regional health workforce and ultimately, the health of regional NSW communities,” Mr Mitchell said.

CEO of Regional Australia Bank, David Heine, is an active supporter of rural health, presenting the Rural/ Remote Health Employer of the Year Award at the inaugural National Rural and Remote Health Awards at Parliament House Canberra in late November. Regional Australia Bank representatives also attended, and engaged in, RDN’s GP Conference held as part of Rural Health Month in Coogee last week.

Mr Heine says both organisations share a common desire to see regional communities succeed and he’s looking forward to working more closely with RDN in the future.

“We want to play an active and influential role in our communities and empower the people and businesses of regional Australia to achieve great things,” Mr Heine said.

“Every time we help an individual person grow financially, every time we help a regional business succeed, we’re helping our communities grow and succeed – and that’s our measure of success,” he said.

Further highlighting their commitment to investing in regional NSW, Regional Australia Bank will open a new Wagga Wagga branch early next year, expanding their network at a time when many other banks are closing up shop in rural and regional areas.

“The ‘Big Four’ banks in Australia are owned by investors,” Mr Heine said. “They exist to generate profits to deliver dividends for shareholders whereas our only shareholders are our customers, which means our motivation is purely on delivering value to our customers – our members!”

RDN is looking to expand on its corporate partnerships model in 2024 by working more closely with businesses like Regional Australia Bank who share a common vision for the future of rural and regional health.

“Expanding our corporate partnership approach is the start of something really exciting for RDN,” Jeremy Mitchell said. “We have some really exciting opportunities Regional Australia Bank will be making available exclusively to RDN members early next year and we look forward to sharing details of this announcement shortly, so be sure to watch this space’.