Kids playing together in playground

Fenced playground in Armidale fosters health and fitness for women and good times for the kids.

The South Hill Armidale Play Space project was the brainchild of the Armidale District Netball Association and was posted on Regional Australia Bank's 'Heart of our Community' website where it quickly gained traction. The idea behind the project was to make it easy for women to get back into or engage in sport and physical activity after having children.

"We started this journey back in 2010, when we identified as part of our strategic plan, a need for a safe and secure play space for children, close to the netball courts", said Rochelle Joyce, Armidale District Netball Association. "By 2013 a change in priorities saw us focus on the play space a little more and that's when we decided to launch our plans and post it on the 'Heart of our Community' website and then just like that, the project took off and we managed to raise $125,000 from various sources in just under 12 months."