It’s all systems go at the South Hill Armidale Play Space.

Regional Australia Bank, a proud supporter of the South Hill Armidale Play Space, is pleased to report that work has started on the highly anticipated project with completion now set for December 2016.

The project, which is the brain child of the Armidale District Netball Association, started six years ago, however it wasn’t until the project was posted on Regional Australia Bank's 'Heart of our Community' website that it gained genuine traction.

"We started this journey back in 2010, when we identified as part of our strategic plan, a need for a safe and secure play space for children, close to the netball courts", said Rochelle Joyce, Armidale District Netball Association. "By 2013 a change in priorities saw us focus on the play space a little more and that's when we decided to launch our plans and post it on the 'Heart of our Community' website and then just like that, the project took off and we raised $125,000 in just under 12 months."

The idea behind the project was to make it easy for women to get back into or engage in sport and physical activity after having children so Rochelle says its great to see this vision finally taking shape.

The Play Space will feature state of the art equipment including a 3.5 metre climbing cube, a fort, a birds nest swing, two spinners and an embankment slide.  It will also offer children a sensory experience with textured plants, a nature area and a fully fenced pathway linking the netball courts to the play space.

Kevin Dupé, CEO, Regional Australia Bank said:  "The construction of the South Hill Armidale Play Space is wonderful news that will no doubt be welcomed by the entire community and we are pleased to see progress being made as a result of our contribution."

Mr Dupé added Its particularly rewarding for us as a Bank, because one of the best things about our 'Heart of our Community' initiative is that there is no eligibility criteria for applying.  You simply post your project, idea, or event and garner community support for it.  The more votes, the higher the project ranks in that community, its as simple as that.

Regional Australia Bank is proud to have helped many wonderful community ideas come to life thanks to its 'Heart of our Community' initiative. Community members who are interested in the park’s progress should contact Armidale Regional Council or the Armidale District Netball Association.

If you have an idea you'd like to see come to life in your community post it on Heart of our Community today!