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Facilitating change in our communities.

Proving once again that everyday people with a dream and a passion to succeed can band together to bring community ideas and dreams to life, heartofourcommunity.com.au continues to facilitate change in our communities.

The Outlaws are Armidale’s first Baseball team in more than a decade. At the beginning of 2016 they had their team ready but needed a home field. Looking for a way to gain exposure they posted their idea on heartofourcommunity.com.au. Within just a few months they had generated over 500 votes and given the backing by the community Regional Australia Bank donated a dollar amount per vote. With further support from SportUNE and other businesses in the community, by April 2016 they had their home ground built.

After receiving more than 400 votes on heartofourcommunity.com.au, Manilla’s Bike Road Safety Park was able to get off the ground and was officially opened in October 2016. The local community rallied together to deliver the park which aims to teach kids road rules in a fun and safe environment. As the idea had such a strong following in the community, Regional Australia Bank contributed financially to the project. The spirit behind its development is what heartofourcommunity.com.au is all about.

The South Hill Armidale Play Space, the brain child of the Armidale District Netball Association started six years ago, however it wasn’t until the project was posted on Regional Australia Bank's 'Heart of our Community' website that it gained genuine traction. The idea behind the project was to make it easy for women to get back into or engage in sport and physical activity after having children and it resonated strongly in the local community. After receiving $125,000 some of which from Regional Australia Bank, South Hill Play Space will be completed in time for the end of year holiday break.

Regional Australia Bank is proud to have helped many wonderful community ideas come to life thanks to its 'Heart of our Community' initiative. Do you have an idea to better your community? Post it on heartofourcommunity.com.au today!