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Discover your data using myCDRdata from Regional Australia Bank

At Regional Australia Bank, we're big fans of the Consumer Data Right (CDR). This is because CDR is fundamentally about empowering people. It's the power to choose when and who you share your data with and how you can use your data to make your life easier.

We love CDR because it makes banking about people. As a customer-owned bank, we're about providing banking for people, not profit.

But, we understand some people may be hesitant when it comes to sharing data. After all, how does this new government CDR system work? This is why Regional Australia Bank has developed and launched a new discovery service to help walk you through the CDR process.

Introducing myCDRdata

We want everyone to experience how powerful the Consumer Data Right is for themselves, and myCDRdata is a complimentary, no-obligation service to do just that.

As a taster of what CDR can do, with your permission, myCDRdata can securely collect the following types of helpful information from your bank:

  • Your name, occupation, contact details
  • Your account balance and details
  • One month's worth of Transaction details
  • Direct debits and scheduled payments
  • A list of your saved payees


At the end of the collection process, you can view the results on-screen or download them as a PDF.

As more companies create services that use CDR, you'll be able to have your information automatically collected for you at your request. Over time, this will make things like buying a home, switching phone providers, or running your own business a lot easier.

We'd love for you to try it out, safe in the knowledge that myCDRdata will only access your data once and does not store your data. In addition, the service does not use any third parties, and your data will not be shared with anyone else.