Digital Wallet

What is a digital wallet?

Also known as an e-wallet, or mobile wallet, digital wallets can be used in conjunction with mobile payment systems that allow cardholders to pay for purchases with their smartphone in-store and online.

How do 'The Pays' work?

The Pays create electronic versions of credit and debit cards and assign them device account numbers (DPANs), for added protection. Once this link between the device and the card has been created, cardholders can use this 'digital wallet' everywhere that tap-and-go payments usually are accepted, without the need for the physical card.

Are the Pays secure?

Aside from during the initial registration process (where card information is sent to Google/Apple/Samsung during tokenisation), the cardholder's name and card details are never shown in the app and never shared with the stores because of the unique virtual account number used to share payment information. Payment information is stored on secure servers and is encrypted with industry-standard SSL (secure socket layer) technology.

Additionally, to use the Pays, each transaction is authorised by Touch ID, Face ID or device passcode.