How to change or reset your Mobile Banking PIN

Updating your PIN for the Regional Australia Bank Mobile Banking App is easy. Follow these steps to secure your banking on the go.

Change your Mobile Banking App PIN

Follow these instructions if you have forgotten or want to change your PIN.

  1. Open your Regional Australia Bank Mobile Banking App and choose either 'Account Balances' or 'Transfer'.
  2. If you have forgotten your PIN, tap the 'Forgot Login' link on the Login screen to be taken through to the re-registration process - make sure you have your Internet Banking Member ID and Password handy. See below for the 'Forgot Login' link examples on Android or iPhone devices.

    Android and iPhone login screen examples
  3. Else log into the app as normal and then select “Change Login Authentication” under the Settings menu.
  4. Choose from either entering a PIN or drawing a Pattern as your preferred method of authentication going forward. If you are using a compatible iPhone, you can also select a biometric method of authentication.
  5. Enter and confirm your PIN or Pattern to complete the process.

PIN security and what not to do

Selecting a new PIN can be hard but its important you choose something that isn't too obvious such as your or a family member's birthday. To keep your account safe, the app has the following rules in place;

  • If the PIN is longer than your Member ID, then your Member ID cannot be contained in the PIN, e.g. Member ID: 97643, PIN 976431.
  • If the PIN is shorter than your Member ID, then the PIN cannot be contained in your Member ID, e.g. Member ID: 97643, PIN 7643.
  • The PIN cannot be all one character, e.g. 111111.
  • The PIN cannot be a consecutive run of numbers, e.g. 1234, 8765, 2345678.

A PIN which does not follow these rules will be disallowed and you will receive an error message asking you to try again.