Savings Booster

Boost the interest on your savings every month that you stick to your savings plan!

Features & Benefits

Boosted Interest
Rewards Saving
Set Savings Goals
Instant access to funds
Boosted Interest rate (up to $250,000)
5.00%p.a1 2

Product Details

Target Market Determination
Interest Conditions
Deposit at least $100 and don’t make any
withdrawals through the month to receive
boosted interest for that month.
Boosted interest paid on portion of
account balance up to $250,000.2
Interest Frequency
Calculated daily, paid monthly.
End of month rate applies to whole month.
Instant Access to Funds
Internet and Mobile Banking
Phone Banking
Direct Debits and Credits
Credits Only
Branch and Service Support Centre
Minimum Balance
Access Fee
Internet, Mobile and Phone Banking Transactions
Direct Credits
Over the Counter Withdrawal
Direct Debit Dishonour
Bank Cheque Fee
Cheque Deposit
10 Free deposits per month Additional deposits $0.50
Base Interest rate
Boosted Interest rate (up to $250,000)
5.00%p.a1 2

1 Interest rates are on a per annum basis and are current as of today's date and are subject to change. Please note that the interest rate effective at the end of each month applies to the whole month.

2 Interest payable reverts to Base Interest if interest conditions are not met. Base Interest paid on portion of account balance up to $250,000.

This product is not available to associations or trusts. Maximum of one Savings Booster account per member.

Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply. See Fees & Charges for full details.
Please refer to the Product Details, Conditions of Use and Target Market Determination when considering if this product is right for you.
Regional Australia Bank Ltd is the issuer of the product.