Member number changes for some merging Holiday Coast Credit Union members

Find answers to any questions you may have about your new member number.

A very small number of merging Holiday Coast Credit Union members may require a change to their member number. These members have been contacted directly and provided with their new member number. While this will affect how these members access their accounts, it will not impact the day to day function of their accounts as all electronic direct debits and credits will continue as normal.

Frequently asked questions about duplicate member numbers

When will my new member number take effect?

Your new member number will become effective as of 08 September 2019.

I use my member number as my account number, can I still do this?

Yes you can, for any new payments you will need to commence quoting your new member number as of 08 September 2019.

Will all my current direct debits and credits be redirected to my new member number, or will they need to be re-set up?

All existing payments to and from your accounts will be redirected to your new member number, you will not have to provide new account details to any of your existing payers or payees.

What about setting up new payments, what account details do I provide?

Any new payments that are set up will require new payment details, please use your new member number.

I use my member number to log in to Internet Banking, will I have to register for Internet Banking again with my new member number?

No, you will not need to register for Internet Banking again. Simply use your new member number and your current password to access your Internet Banking and your Mobile App.

What about my Visa Cards and Cheque Books?

There will be no changes to your Visa Debit/Visa Credit Cards or your Cheque Books. These payment options will be unlinked from your existing member number and relinked to your new member number. You can continue to use any of these payment options without any concern.