The Consumer Data Right
is here for you.

The Consumer Data Right (CDR) is all about you and your fellow Australians. It gives you more control over your data and allows you to easily access better products and services. In a nutshell, it makes banking about people.

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We are the first organisation
to become accredited

You may not have expected it, but your favourite regional bank (that’s us!) is the first organisation in Australia to become an Accredited Data Recipient (ADR) for the CDR. Thanks to great people, great technology and a bunch of hard work, we lead the way because we think it’s important for you and all Australians to be in control of your financial data.

We're doing this:

For our members.

For our community.

For you.

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The benefits are mutual

Great People

Our team is still here to help, when you need them to be.

Great Technology

Put your data to work, because no one wants to trawl through bank statements

Great Results

A faster lending process because we know your time is valuable.

What is CDR about?

Essentially, it’s about empowering you. We want to continue to make banking about people, not profit. The Consumer Data Right puts people in control, not the bank. You say when and who you share your data with, to make your life easier.

The CDR allows you to have more control over your data. You’ll be able to choose who you share your data with and how it’s used. No more wasted time collecting transaction data when applying for a loan. It can now be automatically provided to us, and you’re the one who hits ‘send’.​

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How CDR works

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Your consent

When a company wants to use your data, they will always need your consent.

Your data

It’s your data. You should get value from it when it is used.

Your control

You’re in control of who can continue to use your data and when.

This is bigger than banking

Although CDR is starting in the banking industry, it won’t stop there. It will gradually be applied to other major sectors such as energy and telecommunications. This approach means that it’s not just putting you in control of your financial data, but any data you may need in order to access or switch between essential services when living in Australia.

Think energy and utilities, telecommunications, retail and entertainment. That means moving house, switching phone providers or applying for credit will become easier as you can control when and who has access to your data.

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We've got big plans to make banking about people

We're sharing our tool-box

We’ve built a lot of tools to help plug into CDR. Other customer-owned banks will follow shortly, and we’re committed to making it easier for them. That’s why we are providing these tools to them for free. We’re doing this so all customers can experience the benefits of the Consumer Data Right. Helping other like-minded institutions is something we’ve always done, because at the end of the day, customers benefit.

We're making financial decisions transparent

We plan to extend CDR's use into a real-time affordability check. You may not be ready to apply for a loan yet; however, CDR will still be able to help. By plugging your data into a real-time checklist, you'll see almost immediately whether you are eligible for the loan you want to apply for. Unlike the loan 'calculators' you're used to now, by using CDR, you'll get to use real data to give you a greater understanding of your ability to pay off the loan.

We're unlocking lifestyle opportunities for our customers

As CDR rolls out around the country, many benefits will be unsurfaced, and we will be working to ensure this happens. For example, small businesses and sole traders use a range of accounting and business management applications daily. If these could safely and securely connect to up-to-date banking data, that could make a real difference to people who need to concentrate on their business and not their banking.

Read our CDR Policy

Find out more on how we handle your data in our easy-to-read policy.

Consumer Data Right Policy (5 min read)