As an accredited Data Recipient, participating in the Australian Consumer Data Right (CDR), Regional Australia Bank is required to provide details on all outsourced service providers we use for CDR.

Outsourced Service Providers are business partners or third party companies we work with in order to provide services to our customers.

We chose not to outsource to overseas service providers so all consumer data remains within Australia.

Provider name Where based What we use them for
Sydney, Australia We have partnered with this great local Australian business since 2017 and have worked together to help provide the best possible, streamlined online lending process for our customers. As part of our online loan application, and with consent, we collect and anonymise transaction data from our loan applicants who bank with the major banks. We bundle the data up and send it over to Basiq using a secure and private connection. Within around 60 seconds, Basiq provide us with the aggregated summary report and then permanently delete all the original data.