What are one-time passwords and why you should use them

One-time passwords (OTP) prevent fraudulent activities and improve your account security. Find out how they help verify identity and enhance account security by leveraging a unique password for every single login.

You can never be too safe when it comes to transacting online.

Online fraud continues to be a major issue and hackers today are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Fortunately, Regional Australia Bank has one-time passwords available for all customers, ensuring your accounts are kept safe and secure.

It’s important your account is protected and we encourage members to take full advantage of this free service.

Benefits of one-time passwords

  • Increased security 24/7
  • Securely reset your Internet Banking password online
  • Update your details securely online
  • Secure instant payments to new payees via Osko
  • Make international payments in Internet Banking
  • Can be conveniently sent to your mobile as an SMS, to a physical token or as a virtual token to your smart-phone with the Symantec vip app.

Stay secure and enable one-time passwords on your accounts now.

Complete the form below and we'll call you back and help you get set up.

What is a one-time password?

It's common for online web applications to ask users for an extra layer of security for their account. The general term for this is 2-factor authentication (2FA). There are various ways of implementing 2FA and using one-time passwords is one of them.

A one-time password is a randomly generated, six-digit number sent to a phone as an SMS or can be generated via a physical or virtual security token. It's valid for one session or transaction and is only available for a very short period.

Staying secure is easy.

When performing certain transactions online via your Regional Australia Bank Mobile Banking App or Internet banking you'll be asked to enter a 'one-time password' to make sure the request is being performed by you and no one else.

Send a One-time password SMS from Internet Banking

Receive a One-time password SMS from Internet Banking

This one-time password is automatically sent to the registered mobile phone number or as a token when requested.

Once you receive the password, enter the 6-digit code into the space provided.

Are your contact details up to date?

One-Time Passwords works with a mobile number via SMS. In order to prevent any disruptions to online banking services please ensure you mobile phone number is up to date in internet banking.

Steps to check and update your details.

  1. Log in to your Regional Australia Bank Internet Banking on a desktop or laptop computer.
  2. Choose Settings from the top menu and select Contact Details.
  3. On the next screen click the Update personal details button.
  4. Review and update any missing or inaccurate details.
  5. Click on the Update button to save.
Update your contact details in Internet Banking

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