Roadside Assistance

Whether you have a caravan, small car, motorcycle, drive short distances or take to the road often, NRMA offer a huge range of Roadside Assistance to suit you.

NRMA Roadside Assistance

Through our partnership with our friends at the NRMA, we can offer you a huge range of roadside assistance covers that suit you.

Premium Plus

Premium Plus is for big vehicles and those that tow caravan and trailers up to 10 tonnes, and is the most comprehensive roadside assistance coverage offered by the NRMA.

It includes a range of benefits including unlimited callouts nationwide, protection for your pets and up to $3,000 in breakdown assistance.

Premium Care

Whether you’re keeping close to home or driving longer distances, Premium Care is designed for those whose car is central to their lifestyle.

This comprehensive roadside assistance package covers your car and anything you’re towing (up to 2 tonnes). It includes unlimited callouts nationwide and up to $3,000 in breakdown assistance.

Classic Care

Classic Care roadside assistance is essential everyday cover that keeps you moving around town.

Classic Care includes 20km free towing and unlimited callouts nationwide for things like flat tyres and batteries, empty tanks or locking your keys in your car.


NRMA Free2go Membership is specifically designed for the needs of 16 to 20 year olds who are learning to drive or who have a provisional licence. Free2go offers 24/7 personal roadside assistance nationwide, which means that they’ll help you out even if it's not your car or you’re the passenger.

Membership is free for the first year if you're aged 17 to 20, or free for two years for 16 year olds.

Motorcycles and scooters

It’s not just cars that are covered by roadside assistance. From motorbikes to scooters, if you ever have a flat tyre or battery, or if you run out of fuel, you can rest assured that the NRMA will be there to help.

Why the NRMA?

The NRMA has been helping Australian motorists at the roadside for more than 90 years. Their 2.4 million Members get behind the wheel knowing that if anything was to happen, they wouldn’t be left stranded.

For further information please refer to the NRMA Road Assist Terms and Conditions and the NRMA Roadside Assistance Membership guide. Roadside Assistance is issued by National Roads and Motorists Association Limited (NRMA) ABN 77 000 010 506.