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myCDRdata pro is a subscription service for those supporting CDR data holder services.

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An insightful tool for Data Holders

Built and run by Australia’s first accredited data recipient, myCDRdata pro provides tools and insights you need to ensure your DH services are working as they should be – all from a real end-user perspective. myCDRdata pro is here to help with
  • production verification testing
  • problem identification
  • debugging
  • monitoring
  • metrics reporting

Available services

myCDRdata pro provides subscribers with the following specific CDR functionality:

Category Description
Data holder selection Users are able to select a data holder from all active data holders on the register. New data holders will become available for selection within 4 hours of them becoming active on the CDR register

Consent duration

When initiating a new consent, the duration can be set to a value from 0 to 31,536,000 seconds

Consent auth scopes

The following auth scopes are available to be included when initiating a new consent with a DH. They are selectable via their respective data clusters:

Name, occupation, contact details


Account balance and details


Transaction details


Saved payees


Direct debits and scheduled payments


Does not include admin scopes:


Authorisation requests

Pushed Authorisation Requests are used to request authorisation with DHs.

Data collection

  1. When a data collection is initiated, the following consumer data API endpoints are called at the selected data holder for the authorised scopes of the consent:
    common:customer.basic:read & common:customer.detail:read
    bank:accounts.basic:read & bank:accounts.detail:read

    API endpoints not called are: Get Products, Get Product Detail, Admin APIs
  2. Data collection can be manually initiated for any active consent
  3. Date ranges can be manually specified for ‘Get Transactions For Account’

Consumer data download

Once the consumer data has been collected, it is available for the user to download in two formats: 1. A JSON document including meta-data of calls made and any associated error details 2. A formatted PDF of interpreted data

View consent

Details of each consent can be viewed, regardless of their status

Revoke consent

Active consents can be revoked from ADR side

Error details

If errors are encountered while communicating with a data holder brand (that is in the subscriber’s access list), the HTTP-level details of the request and response will be surfaced for the user to access.

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