Corporate Profile

Regional Australia Bank is a customer owned bank who have been helping regional Australians achieve their lifestyle goals for more than 45 years.

With roots in regional NSW and members throughout the country, Regional Australia Bank has grown to be a premier Banking alternative.

Customer owned – putting people before profit

Unlike the investor banks (e.g. Big 4) whose main interests are to generate profits in order to deliver dividends for shareholders, our members are our shareholders. This means our organisation’s focus is to deliver value to our members. We demonstrate tangible value through quality, competitively priced products and a superior level of service from specialists that saves our members time, money and effort. Further, as part of our commitment to champion regional prosperity, we pledge more than 5% of our profits back into grassroots community initiatives.

Our mission

We exist for the financial well-being of our members and the sustainability of our communities. We will champion regional prosperity at every endeavour, by helping members achieve their lifestyle goals as well as delivering social and environmental returns to our communities at every possible opportunity.

Our locations

We have a strong branch presence throughout regional NSW. The modern era affords us the opportunity to extend beyond this geography and we are determined to deliver a style of banking that reflects regional Australian values to all Australian communities, be they regional or in the big smoke. We do this by providing direct access to our specialists where you can actually have a proper conversation, as well as providing access to the latest user friendly online banking solutions for day to day banking needs.

Our people

Our dedicated staff are specialists in their fields and have been carefully selected to deliver on our promise to our members. Located in regional centres, they have a common understanding of regional needs and culture, and get a real kick out of helping individuals achieve their lifestyle goals. Moreover, they share a deep affection for seeing our communities succeed, which is why you’ll often see them, coaching the soccer team, working on committees or helping raise money for the next big community project.

Our values

Integrity, respect and fairness are the underlying values that guide our business in our dealings with members, stakeholders and the wider community. We’ve based our values on a mindset that regional Australians share - an appreciation for relationships built on trust and reliability, with an understanding of the significance of community and the feeling of unity and belonging. Whether you live in regional Australia, the ‘big smoke’ or across the world – we’re bringing regional Australian values to you.

Our history

Our humble beginnings start with New England Staff Credit Union at The University of New England in 1969. Following mergers with Peel Valley Credit Union in 2004, Orana Credit Union in 2008 and Hunter Mutual in 2010, we became New England Mutual, Orana Mutual and Hunter Mutual in the relevant geographical areas, falling under the overarching brand of Community Mutual Group. In 2016 we changed our name to Regional Australia Bank to better reflect who we are, what we do and the commitment we have to the prosperity of the individuals and communities in Regional Australia.